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LTPP WIM Cost Analysis

LTPP WIM Cost Online is designed for ease of use. At the simplest level, you only need to type in the number of WIM scales that will be purchased and indicate whether the WIM systems will be bending plate or piezo cable based. The spreadsheet will then calculate crude estimates of the cost and staffing required to keep those systems operating at the level expected by LTPP.

The crude estimates initially supplied by the application are based on a number of assumed costs and levels of maintenance and operating activity. These assumptions may or may not be realistic for any given state or provincial highway agency (SHA). Consequently, you have the option of changing (and are encouraged to change) the majority of the inputs used in the cost estimation process. You should update the cost and staffing estimates supplied as defaults with the application to reflect specific conditions within your SHA and your SHA's experiences. This will provide a more realistic estimate of the staffing and resources needed to install, operate, and maintain the WIM equipment.

LTPP WIM Cost Online is available FREE of cost and registered users can store their estimates on the server. Register Now to start using the application.

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